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Package 6: BCP, DRP Maintenance (Revision) Templates Full Bundle

Most Business Continuity program (BCP) & Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) plans that are written are not maintained & revised.  Within a year or less the plan becomes useless because staff has changed, vendors are different, and the resources required to get continue business operations have evolved.  By maintaining the plan on a regular basis, the business will avoid the time required to create a plan from scratch and it will be prepared whenever a disaster strikes.

This suite contains guides, checklist, templates, sample and examples necessary to create maintenance and revision to BCP & DRP plans.

  • Testing & Revision Program (18 pages)
  • Business Unit Plan Audit Checklist (16 pages)
  • Application Plan Audit Checklist (7 pages)
  • Database Plan Audit Checklist (6 pages)
  • Disaster Plan Audit Checklist (6 pages)
  • Network Plan Audit Checklist (6 pages)
  • Server Plan Audit Checklist (6 pages)
  • Telecom Plan Audit Checklist (6 pages)
  • Audit Notification Memo (1 pages)
  • Plan Audit Final Report Template (1 pages)

Cost: $105


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