2016 Annual HIPAA Certification Continuing Education Credits Course

This is the annual refresher discussion of HIPAA, HITECH & Omnibus, developments in 2016, and the outlook for 2017. Individuals with certifications of CHPE, CHSE, and CHPSE need to take this course to maintain their credentials.  This course is released in Q1 of 2017 for activities related to 2016.

The 2016 Annual HIPAA Certification CE Credits course covers the following topics:

  • The Year in Review – Breaches and Events
    • Introduction
    • The History: 2003 to 2015
    • The History: Focus on 2015
    • The Year That Was: 2015 in Review – Breaches
    • The Year That Was: 2015 in Review – Fines
    • Lessons Learned: February 2016 – Complete P.T. Physical Therapy, Inc.
    • Lessons Learned: February 2016 – Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital
    • Lessons Learned: March 2016 – Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
    • Lessons Learned: March 2016 – North Memorial Health Care
    • Lessons Learned: May 2016 – NY Presbyterian Hospital
    • Lessons – Learned?
    • Ramifications
  • Rules, Issuances, and Issues in 2016
    • New for 2016: Cloud Computing
    • New for 2016: Beware Ransomware!
    • New for 2016: Background Checks in NICS
  • Today: Where Attention is Needed
    • Required Documentation
    • Event Response & Risk Assessment
    • Business Associates
    • Business Associate Agreements (BAAs)
  • Tomorrow: What the Future May Hold
    • Audits in 2016
    • Audits in 2016 – Planned Approach
    • Audits in 2016 – Expectations
    • Investigation and Events
    • Summary

Total Course Duration: 1 hour

Number of Total Slides: 35

Course valid for: 2 months from receiving the login details. You will not have access to online content after you complete the course.

Type of License: One user license cannot be transferred after login is assigned.

Cost: $99 per employee

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Certificate for Continuing Education Credits:

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