HIPAA Compliance ToolKit

Because HIPAA compliance includes a wide variety of things outside of simple HIPAA training, Training-HIPAA.net has created an entire toolkit to help you be sure that your business or entity complies with HIPAA regulations inHIPAA Compliance Toolkit order to make sure that you avoid security breaches and more, go through this toolkit to ensure that your business is up to code.

Important Part of your HIPAA Compliance Toolkit:

This section will walk you through the policies and procedures overview while explaining why the various tools in the toolkit have been provided. If you are unsure about why any of these things have been provided or why they are important, read through this.

Training-HIPAA.net’s privacy policies templates have been created to help all varieties of covered entities and business associates with the handling of protected health information. These templates have been drafted with a thorough knowledge of HIPAA regulations and have been created especially for covered entities or business associates.

In order to help clients be more prepared, Training-HIPAA.net has created a contingency plan, business impact analysis, business continuity plan, and a disaster recovery plan template for covered entities and business associates. Don’t be caught unprepared in an emergency.

The Security Risk Analysis template suite has been created by industry experts to help all covered entities evaluate their security risks. By using these templates, you can clearly and concisely evaluate the state of your security.

While many large corporations are prepared for disasters and emergencies, often smaller businesses are not prepared for emergencies or issues. Training-HIPAA.net is happy to provide templates for small business disaster recovery plans and business continuity templates to help smaller businesses feel prepared for unfortunate emergencies.

Training-HIPAA.net is excited to add a new service for clients who wish to become resellers of Training-HIPAA.net training programs and more. If you want to provide HIPAA training and solutions to your clients, consider becoming a reseller with Training-HIPAA.net.

With all of these various tools, you will be prepared to handle any kind of HIPAA emergency.