How to Select HIPAA Training Company, Course and Certification

How to select the HIPAA Training provider?

With hundreds of companies offering to train and certify in HIPAA, it is difficult to decide which company to select and which certification course to pursue.  As per the recent fines and penalties from Office for Civil Rights (OCR) for non-compliance with regulation, the corrective action plan (CAP) requires HIPAA education. The primary step to compliance is to have the right level of training for employees hence it is the most important step to achieving and maintain HIPAA compliance.

We offer different levels of certification which are based on the job role of the individual as mentioned in OCR’s corrective action plan. It is very important to understand your job role and decide which is the ideal training for you. If you need help in deciding, feel free to call us at 515-865-4591 so we can understand your job role, the type of entity you are, and how many people will be part of your core compliance team and then recommend the right level of training for you and your team.

How to Select HIPAA Course and Certification Credentials?

Courses are mainly decided based on your responsibilities and your involvement in HIPAA compliance. Job titles that are given are just an indication and are not limited to the list provided. An office manager of small practice may be wearing different hats so may not have the title of HIPAA Privacy Officer but performs those duties also with being an office manager. Let us help you to guide you. The flow chart image will help you to decide on which credentials training is ideal for you based on your responsibilities.

Flow Chart to select HIPAA Certification CredentialsHow to Select HIPAA Credential Course

Different Level of HIPAA Credentials

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