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HCISPP Training Course: Online and Classroom

The HealthCare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner (HCISPP) educational course are intended to communicate to the audience the basic structure, the essentials of the legal basis, the issues of and the information security and privacy particulars within the described context of the American healthcare delivery system.  An integral part of this course is to prepare the attendee (with the required minimum experience) to sit for the (ISC)² HCISPP certification examination. 

Learning Objectives (Utilizing Bloom’s Taxonomy):

Upon completion of this course (22 contact hours), the attendee should

  1. Be able to define the standards in moderate to advanced terms
  2. Be able to describe the associated practices, their importance and value to another person; in particular their coworkers and supervisors
  3. Be able to discuss the relevant sections of the applicable regulations with their peers and with their workforce members
  4. Be able to illustrate the flow of a risk assessment project from initial steps to conclusions and recommendations for corrective actions based on findings
  5. Be able to evaluate vulnerabilities, risks, mitigations and trade-offs when assessing third-party sourced risks to healthcare contractual arrangements

Course Outline for HCISPP

The draft outline for this course makes allowance for the six domains of the HCISPP as described in the ISC2 Official CBK Guide (sourcebook and accompanying text) for the material, with slide counts varying according to the quantity of information to be delivered in each domain’s module; outlined as


Introduction and Overview

Domain 1: Healthcare Industry
  • Understand the Healthcare environment
  • Understand Third-party relationships
  • Understand foundational health data management concepts
Domain 2: Regulatory Environment
  • Identify applicable regulations
  • Understand international regulations and controls
  • Compare internal practices against new policies and procedures
  • Understand compliance frameworks
  • Understand responses for risk-based decision
  • Understand and comply with Code of Conduct/Ethics in HealthCare information
Domain 3: Privacy and Security in HealthCare
  • Understand security objectives/attributes
  • Understand general security definitions/concepts
  • Understand general privacy principles
  • Understand the relationship between privacy and security
  • Understand the disparate nature of sensitive data handling implications
Domain 4: Information Governance and Risk Management
  • Understand security and privacy governance
  • Understand basic risk management methodology
  • Understand information risk management life cycles
  • Participate in risk management activities
Domain 5: Information Risk Assessment
  • Understand risk assessment
  • Identify control assessment procedures from within organizational risk frameworks
  • Participate in risk assessment consistent with role in organization
  • Participate in efforts to remediate gaps
Domain 6: Third-party Risk Management
  • Understand the definition of third parties in Healthcare context
  • Maintain a list of third-party organizations
  • Determine when third-party assessment is required
  • Support third-party assessments and audits
  • Respond to notifications of security/privacy events
  • Support establishment of third-party connectivity
  • Promote awareness of the third-party requirements (internally and externally)
  • Participate in remediation efforts
  • Respond to third-party requests regarding privacy/security event

Practice questions


HCISPP Training Course Target Audience:

The audience for whom this course is intended would be made up of mid-level to senior security and privacy practitioners have 5 or more years of professional practice, of which at least 2 should be in such a role in a healthcare environment.  Ideally, the candidate would already hold the CISSP certification from ISC2, but this is not required for the material to be accessible to the attendee.  The roles normally occupied by such persons would include:

  • HealthCare Compliance Officers
  • Privacy Officers of HealthCare companies
  • Security Managers
  • Auditors
  • IT Management
  • Risk Managers
  • Industry consultants in Security and Privacy

Three learning Methods for HCISPP Credential Training:

Online Self-Paced HCISPP Certification Training

Many busy individuals cannot spend 4 days in the classroom-based course or private onsite seminars. This option is great for candidates who cannot take time off of work to attend the classroom training.  This is the most cost-effective option.

This option also allows you to buy instructor’s time so you can gather all your questions and at the end of the training, schedule your phone call with the instructor.

Cost: $1,200
Special Discount offer for limited time: $501

Course Duration: 22 Hours

Additional products and services to buy (Official ISC2 manual: $100, Two-hour Instructor’s time by Phone: $250)



Instructor-led Classroom HCISPP Seminar

This is a 4 days class offered in 8 hours session with breaks in between. Registration cost includes the official HCISPP manual and breakfast, lunch and snacks during the training.  This training is ideal if you are a hands-on learner, like to interact with your instructor and classmates in a live setting, or want to finish the training by dedicated full 4-5 days for training and exam then this is an ideal option for you.

Cost: $2,500

Course Duration: 4 days class offered in 8 hours session


Training Dates:

Feb 20-23, 2017

May 15-18, 2017

Sep 18-21, 2017

Nov 13-16, 2017

Online Live with Instructor-led Course for HCISPP Credential

This is a 4-day class offered in 5-7 hour session with breaks in between. You are the ONLY student with the instructor in this training. Registration cost includes the official HCISPP manual.  This training is ideal if you want the convenience of being in your office and doing the training with the instructor and getting a personalized training to meet your specific goals.

Cost: $2,800

Course Duration: 4-day class offered in 5-7 hour session



HCISPP Training
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