The CHPSE and the HCISPP: Which One?

The Supremus Group will soon offer a preparatory course for the (ISC)2 Healthcare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner (HCISPP) certification examination.  This offering will be yet another way in which Supremus continues to offer the very best in training and certification for professionals in healthcare privacy and security, with or without clinical experience.

This course, prepared from the (ISC)2 official guide, will present not only the principles of the HCISPP core but go into greater depth than any offering from any other provider.  It will provide the most thorough preparation for the examination candidate, and is presented by the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in Healthcare Privacy/Security to ensure the highest quality preparation.

But the question may arise about the Certified HIPAA Privacy Security Expert (CHPSE) and the HCISPP: which one is better?  Which one will suit my needs best?  Should I get just one, or am I better off having both?

Before you decide, here are some things to consider:

  1. If you are new to healthcare security and privacy but have clinical experience, the CHPSE offers excellent transitional education that includes both the clinical side and the security/privacy side directly related to your experience. You will be on familiar ground while you gain the requisite new knowledge.
  2. If you have been in Security and Privacy for some time, but have no clinical experience, the CHPSE will provide a solid understanding in the context of these practices in a healthcare setting, while it affirms the standard security and privacy practices you already know.
  3. If you are a security professional in the healthcare, the HCISPP & CHPSE will augment your already substantial knowledge with the additional industry-specific in-depth information you need in order to more effectively relate to the regulatory framework, breach response, privacy processes, and enhanced risk management practices.

The focus of the CHPSE is on HIPAA regulations, privacy and security practices, compliance attainment and management, and specific related issues.  The focus of the HCISPP is on the regulatory environment, organizational types and structures, and risk management.  Each is drawn directly for the best authoritative sources; each has been prepared by industry experts, and each reflects a solid understanding of the issues of compliance and the requirements to attain it.  As such, these two excellent certifications are complementary;

  • The CHPSE provides the best foundation to prepare you for the more rigorous legal emphasis of the HCISPP;
  • The CHPSE covers the clinical environment and its operation and establishes the broad context basis necessary to fully grasp and apply the legal framework covered in the HCISPP
  • The HCISPP forms the capstone to the solid foundation built by your obtaining the CHPSE

Having them both shows the holder to have the deepest understanding and the critical qualifications necessary to implement and manage the requirements of these complex regulations.  So as you consider which one, why not consider both?  Contact us for details and special pricing!

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