Benefits of HIPAA Logos

How to use Your HIPAA Logo and Certificate for your benefit

Congratulations on your new HIPAA certification! Your new knowledge will help you ensure that your workplace will meet all HIPAA requirements, but did you know that you can use your certification to your advantage too? Your new certification has given you credentials that you can use to market your business or yourself. It can help you land jobs, promotions, and more!

Now that you have these particular credentials, make sure that you start using them. This certification is highly marketable and you want to make sure that you get the exposure that you deserve. Start by evaluating which venues of advertisement you have. Do you have a website or a portfolio? Make a list of these different options that you use on a regular basis and make sure to add your new credentials to all of them. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Website– If you have a personal website or a business website, this is a fantastic place to add your credentials and the logo of your particular certification. Any visitors to the site will be able to see that you or your business is up-to-date with certification requirements. Make sure that your placement of the logo is easily seen when anyone visits your site.

Portfolio – If you are working in a position that requires you to maintain a professional portfolio, such as a writer or web designer, make sure to add the credentials and logo to your portfolio. If you can, add the credentials to your resume or CV as well. If you have any achievements or certifications section on your resume, make sure to update it with your new certification. 

LinkedIn Profile– It is always wise to add your certifications to your LinkedIn profile. Employers often check LinkedIn profiles before hiring employees. Market yourself, your skills, and your certifications as best you can on LinkedIn by making sure that you have your new credentials and logo on your profile. You can even add descriptions of what the course has made you capable of now.

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To add HIPAA Credential of CHSE to your profile, visit here for more details

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Facebook– When using Facebook for business purposes, it’s always a good idea to present your credentials and certifications. Add your new credentials to the “about” section of your Facebook page. It’s a good idea to upload the logo to your photo gallery, as well. Many potential clients may look through your gallery without reading through the “about”. With the logo in the gallery, you can still easily market your certification. 

Twitter– If you use your Twitter for professional purposes, it is always a good idea to have your certifications and credentials listed in the description on your Twitter account. Uploading the logo can also be a good idea. Occasionally reminding your Twitter followers that you are certified is also a good idea. Do so especially after you have gained a large number of new followers. 

Company Fliers and Advertisements– Always make sure to market your HIPAA certifications on any company fliers or advertisements. It will let any prospective clients know that you’re certified and meeting all HIPAA requirements before they even begin to do business with your company. Advertising your credentials could even make clients choose you over a competitor without those credentials.

Proposals– Proposals are always an excellent place to market the certifications of your business. In many cases, doing so will give you better success on your proposals in general. You want to make sure that prospective business partners are fully aware of your training, which may give you an edge against your competitors. When in competition to win contracts, it is always best to advertise your capabilities as much as possible. 

Press Releases– You definitely want to make sure you have your new credentials on any press releases that you send out for your business. It can increase the level of serious consideration that reporters or others will give to your press release and give you a better advertisement. By showing your certifications, you are advertising your various abilities and lending weight to the legitimacy of your company. 

Signature Line– Adding your new credentials to the signature line of your emails can be a brilliant yet small marketing ploy. Anyone that your email will see that you are certified and up-to-date with all HIPAA requirements. Consider adding it to the signature line of your professional or business email. also offers apparel with the logos of your certification on them. This is an easy way to advertise your certification without having to do much work at all. If you would like to own such a garment, check the store.

While these are only examples, hopefully, they give you a good idea of where to start. Make sure that your clients are aware of your training. Doing so can definitely improve your business and advertisement. It can even boost the word-of-mouth advertisement that your business gets. By taking some time to do a little bit of marketing, you can improve your business immensely.

If you have any other ideas feel free to email us at and we will add them to the list.