Why should you take CHPSE followed by HCISPP if you are security officer or Consultant?

“Comparing the CHPSE to the HCISPP in terms of topical coverage would be best characterized as them being complementary rather than competitors.  Both are high-quality certifications backed by reputable organizations.  Both offer thorough, expert discussions of their topics, and both are derived from official sources materials, giving each a high level of credibility and trustworthiness.  These considerations beg the question:  why should I do both?  The answer is surprisingly simple.

The CHPSE focuses much of its content on the operational aspects of HIPAA:  privacy and security programs, transactions processing, handling of breaches and incident response, and Red Flags.  The HCISPP goes into great depth on the legal basis, contracting, risk assessment and management, and supply chain control.  Each is thorough; each is definitive, and each one completes the other by adding greater depth and breadth to the topics discusses.

The choice then is not “why both?”  Rather it is “which first?”.  Again the answer is simple.

The CHPSE provides a deep discussion of the environment, conditions, and issues of operating compliantly.  The HCISPP adds the elements necessary for a complete understanding of how it can all be brought together to address liability and legality.  Taking the CHPSE first lays the foundation and frames the subjects; the HCISPP provides the structural completion and full embellishment of the topics.