Applications and Data Criticality Analysis Template


Applications and Data Criticality Analysis TemplateThe purpose of the Application & Data Criticality Analysis Template is to determine the criticality of the covered entity of all application-based components and the potential losses that may be incurred if these components were not available for some time.  This questionnaire is designed to collect the information necessary to support the development of alternative processing strategies, solutions and IS Recovery plans.

The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) should be completed prior to this engagement.  The results of the BIA should be used to assess technology requirements based on the business needs.

This questionnaire also serves as a compliance method for meeting the HIPAA Security Rule requirements for Application & Data Criticality Analysis.

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Table of Contents for Applications and Data Criticality Analysis Template




  • Application Information
  • Application Specifications
  • Application Users
  • Application Service Providers
  • Application Vulnerability
  • Application Recovery Complexity
  • Application Recovery Plan
  • Application Recovery History
  • Application Standard Operating Procedures
  • Application Source Code and Backup Information
  • Application Dependencies
  • Application Data Reconstruction


  • Database Information
  • Database Service Providers
  • Database Vulnerability
  • Database Recovery Complexity
  • Database Recovery Information
  • Database Recovery History
  • Database Standard Operating Procedures
  • Database Backup Information
  • Database Backup Tape Information


  • Hardware Information
  • Hardware Environment Information
  • Hardware Service Providers
  • Hardware Vulnerability
  • Hardware Recovery Complexity
  • Hardware Recovery Plan
  • Hardware Recovery History
  • Hardware Backup Information
  • Hardware Backup Tape Information


  • Network Equipment Requirements
  • Network Service Providers
  • Network Vulnerability
  • Network Recovery Complexity
  • Network Recovery Plan
  • Network Recovery History
  • Network Standard Operating Procedures


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