Customized Onsite HIPAA Compliance Training at your location

If you are looking for a HIPAA Instructor with practice knowledge of HIPAA compliance andHIPAA Compliance Training having worked as a compliance officer with a large organization, then your search ends here. We offer HIPAA Compliance training for the HIPAA team, from one hour of HIPAA overview training to 4 or 5 days of compliance training. Many Vendors offer training, but they are limited to a few hours to 2-3 days of training. We cover all aspects of the regulation in training and tailor it to your environment and the type of entity you are.

Benefits of our onsite HIPAA Compliance Training:

  • The HIPAA Compliance Training curriculum is customized to meet your specific learning goals.
  • Savings on course fees and travel expenses per student
  • Discuss issues and concerns that pertain to your entire organization during class
  • The convenience of having your staff in proximity and the freedom for them to be home at night
  • Flexibility in scheduling training on both weekdays and weekends
  • Opportunities for a satellite office to interface with other colleagues in one location
  • Printed courseware of 700 pages is provided to all students
  • Class size can be as small as five students for comprehensive-level training

Qualifications of Instructor:

  • Subject matter expert on HIPAA Privacy and Security rules and have trained many Compliance officers, IT team members, Privacy Officers, etc
  • Helped healthcare organizations with their compliance projects, including Risk Analysis, policy development, Remediation, Contingency Planning, and HIPAA Audit.
  • A security expert with a Healthcare background.
  • Practical knowledge of the compliance process.

Our cost is all-inclusive, including the travel of the Instructor. Your company will be responsible for meals and the training room. Training dates can be finalized based on your needs and our open schedule.

After receiving your order, our instructor will schedule a call with your team to understand your environment, your HIPAA compliance status, and any specific areas where you need additional training.  This will allow us to create a training program to meet your learning objectives.

For an onsite training proposal or to discuss your learning objective to decide on how many days of training you will need, please contact Bob Mehta at Supremus Group at 515.865.4591 or email at