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Online Anytime HIPAA Certification Training – Overview

HIPAA Overview

To help you understand the need for receiving HIPAA Certification, we’d like to offer an overview of what HIPAA is. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a piece of legislation that requires companies to keep the personal information of their clients secure, while still allowing for easy transfer of information to simplify the healthcare system. All covered entities – health care providers and those businesses who also deal with protected health information (PHI) – must abide by the regulations provided by HIPAA.

HIPAA Certification

There are four different levels of HIPAA Certification, which signify that a client has taken courses to teach them the details of the HIPAA legislation. Each course is set up for a different amount of specific training so that employees only need to be certified to a degree that matches their position in the company. The four HIPAA Certification options are as follows: Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate (CHPA), Certified HIPAA Security Expert (CHSE), Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert (CHPE), and Certified HIPAA Privacy Security Expert (CHPSE).

HIPAA Online Training

Supremus Group offers Online HIPAA training in the four HIPAA Certification levels on Rather than attending course on-site in a class with up to twelve other students, you can study at your own pace from the comfort of your own office or home. Over the span of six months, you will complete the certification course with the help of organized notes and study sheets. This will allow you to prepare for the HIPAA certification exam, as well as help you bring what you have learned about HIPAA legislation into the working world. offers different levels of certification to validate your HIPAA knowledge. Please select the certification based on your job role. Feel free to contact us at 515.865.4591 we will guide you on which is the right certification to meet your career objective.

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ChaptersChapter SlidesAudio Time (minutes)Certified HIPAA Privacy Security Expert (CHPSE)Certified HIPAA Security Expert (CHSE)Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert (CHPE)Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate (CHPA)
Chapter 1 – HIPAA Basics 47102... 
Chapter 2 – Transactions & Code Sets Overview1328... 
Chapter 3 – Transactions – ANSI X12 and NCPDP1533... 
Chapter 4 – Code Sets & National Identifiers2036... 
Chapter 5 – HIPAA and Health Data – Security & Privacy Requirements51139... 
Chapter 6 – HIPAA Privacy Rule1941....
Chapter 7 – Privacy Rule – Organizational & Individual Relationships, Rights & Responsibilities4196. . 
Chapter 8 – Privacy Rule – Notice of Privacy Practices2950. . 
Chapter 9 – Privacy Rule – Uses and disclosures of PHI2946. . 
Chapter 10 – Privacy Rule – Safeguards1844. . 
Chapter 11 – HIPAA Security Rule – Overview7182....
Chapter 12 – HIPAA Security Rule – Threats and Technology Options2036..  
Chapter 13 – Advanced Administrative Safeguards3860..  
Chapter 14 – Physical Safeguards Overview1526..  
Chapter 15 – Advanced Physical Safeguards2046..  
Chapter 16 – Physical Safeguards – Data & Media Management629..  
Chapter 17 – Security Technical Safeguards Overview3142..
Chapter 18 – Security Advanced Technical Safeguards4767..
Chapter 19 – Digital Signatures and Certificates 2228..
Chapter 20 – Security Policy and Standards2328..
Chapter 21 – HITECH5880...
Chapter 22 – The Omnibus Rule6158....
Chapter 23 – The Meaningful Use5856.
Chapter 24 – The Red Flag Rule3953.
Chapter 25 –  HIPAA Solutions Part 14970.
Chapter 26 –  HIPAA Solutions Part 24664.
Total Chapters
Total Slides886577472100
Total Time in hours2416142
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