Preventive Measures Examples

The following list contains examples of preventative measures that can be implemented by the company to mitigate the potential risks that currently exist.   Some of these activities may be achieved easily, as to where some may take more time and more resources.

Natural Risks

These risks are usually associated with weather-related events:  flooding, high winds, severe storms, tornado, hurricanes, fires, high winds, snowstorms, and ice storms.

Risk / Threat

Preventative Measures


  • Move large and heavy objects to the fall to prevent injury (from falling on people.)
  • Equipment tie-downs are used on all critical computer equipment.
  • Emergency power is available on-site.
  • Earthquake construction guidelines have been adhered to so that damage can be minimized.
  • Critical data and vital records should be backed up and sent offsite for storage.
  • Staff should be trained in Earthquake evacuations and safety.

Man-Made Risks

These risks are usually associated with man-made types of events:  Bomb threats, vandalism, terrorism, civil disorder, sabotage, hazardous waste, work stoppage (internal/external), and computer crime.

Risk / Threat

Preventative Measures


Staff Productivity Risks

  • Alternate sources of trained employees have been identified
  • Proper training and necessary cross-training is conducted
  • Files are backed up and procedures are documented
  • The work areas are comfortable and safe

Environmental Risks

These risks are usually associated with exposures from surrounding facilities, businesses, government agencies, etc.

Risk / Threat

Preventative Measures

Hazardous Materials Plant


  • There is a nightly backup of data processing electronic record and that backup is stored off-site
  • The off-site backup facility is a sufficient distance away from this facility
  • An alternate site has been identified for use in the event that this facility is unusable

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