Conducting a Risk Assessment – Guide

Risk AssessmentRisk Assessment Objectives

This document intends to help the business conduct a Risk Assessment, which identifies current risks and threats to the business and implements measures to eliminate or reduce those potential risks. This document guides how to conduct the Risk Assessment (RA), analyze the collected information, and implement strategies that will allow the business to manage the risk.  The following documents are available to help the business complete the assessment:

  • RA Template
  • RA Worksheet
  • Facility RA Findings Report
  • Executive RA Findings Report
  • Examples of Preventative Measures

The Risk Assessment is only part one of an overall Business Assessment.  A Business Assessment is separated into two constituents: Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis (BIA).  The RA is intended to measure present vulnerabilities to the business’s environment, while the Business Impact Analysis evaluates probable loss that could result during a disaster. A Business Impact Analysis should also be completed to maximize the Risk Assessment.

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Table of Contents


  • Compliance
  • Scope


  • Objectives of the Risk Assessment
  • Risk Assessment Process
  • What Should Be Included?
  • Steps to Follow


  • Identifying Risks / Threats
  • Probability of Occurrence
  • Vulnerability to Risk
  • Potential Impact
  • Preventative Measures in Place
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Past Experiences


  • Review Interview Notes
  • Follow-Up Meetings
  • Report the Results


  • Creation of Executive Report
  • Presenting the Results
  • Next Steps
  • Conclusion


  • Senior Management Support
  • Effective Data Gathering Tools
  • Key Resources
  • Critical Data
  • Executive Report


  • Appendix A:  RA Survey
  • Appendix B:  RA Worksheet
  • Appendix C:  Facility RA Report
  • Appendix D:  Executive RA Report
  • Appendix E:  Examples of Preventative Measures


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