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Why Is HIPAA Training First Step Toward Avoiding Non Compliance Penalties?

25 Feb 2014

Why Is HIPAA Training First Step Toward Avoiding Non Compliance Penalties?

The HIPAA act was put into place to create changes to the healthcare industry and making it safer for people who have health insurance to give their information out and know that nothing was going to happen to it. Getting familiar with the HIPAA act can be very challenging and the best way for companies to get their employees to gain HIPAA compliance is to have them attend a HIPAA training.

Any employees that work in the health care industry, health insurance, a health care clearinghouse or a company/individual supporting any of these businesses must attend a HIPAA training every year to make sure they get up to date with any new regulation requirements and refresh on HIPAA regulations. The HIPAA act is a policy that changes frequently and there is always a updated HIPAA training that companies can send their employees to. The more knowledge they have on the subject the better it will be for the company. There are many consequences that can occur due to a company not be HIPAA compliant. The office of civil rights is in charge of enforcing the HIPAA regulations and will go into the different companies to audit and see if they are HIPAA compliant. If they find that not all of the employees are HIPAA compliant then they are the ones that will hand out the penalties. The maximum penalty will be $1.5 million per violation. It is in the companies best interest to send all of their employees for HIPAA training & achieve HIPAA compliance as per the regulation requirement so they won’t even have to worry about being hit with a penalty that large.

Online HIPAA Training

HIPAA training is mandatory for anyone that has access to patient data. This can include nurses, doctors, insurance specialists, human resources officers, and all employees who have access or manage personal data. What people can expect to learn at a HIPAA training is why the HIPAA act was created and how it protects health information, how an employee can release information, and if a patent requests information how the employee can go about giving it to them.

Sometimes companies may not realize how important HIPAA training is for their employees until it is too late. Having or working in a business that allows a lot of employees access to personal information can be a strenuous thing because you never know when something can go wrong. An employee may not think they are doing anything wrong but in reality they are breaking this law. The only way a company can help prevent this from happening is by sending all of their employees to a HIPAA training every year. It is the best way to avoid a huge headache when something goes wrong or a situation comes up then all of the employees will know how to handle it. It is all about protecting the patient’s privacy and if going to a HIPAA training is the only thing they have to do then it is worth it to set it up for all employees. They don’t even have to send them anywhere. There are certain companies that will send someone to you and provide the company with a HIPAA training or you can do the online training. Key is to find a training company that is providing training at different level and through different learning methods.

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