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Entrenamiento Básico HIPAA te prepara para el examen de certificación de HIPAA Certificado Asociado de privacidad de HIPAA (CHPA). Este es el curso de formación básica HIPAA perfecta para los nuevos empleados, los estudiantes y los trabajadores en general. Los últimos cambios de HIPAA bajo Ley de HiTech de ARRA de 2009 se incorporan en el curso y la regla Omnibus de 2013. Este curso de formación básica HIPAA 120 minutos cubre todo, trabajadores de la salud necesitan saber acerca de HIPAA Privacidad y Seguridad. El curso en línea HIPAA resumen está dirigido a empleados, estudiantes de medicina y voluntarios que necesitan un conocimiento general de la HIPAA. Este examen de certificación HIPAA cumple con los requisitos de formación basados en roles de trabajo de la Ley de Portabilidad y Responsabilidad de Seguros de Salud.

Básica Audiencia HIPAA Formación Target:

  • Técnicos de laboratorio
  • Farmacia Personal
  • Empleados entidad generales cubierto
  • Negocios Associates generales
  • Voluntarios
  • Nuevos empleados en una organización sanitaria
  • Los estudiantes de medicina
  • Enfermeras
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
  • Dispositivo médico de representantes de ventas
  • Broker de Seguros
  • Los empleados que necesitan un conocimiento general de HIPAA
  • Los observadores médicos y otros profesionales de la salud

Le invitamos a que nos llame para hablar de su puesto de trabajo para que podamos recomendar el curso HIPAA apropiado para satisfacer sus objetivos de aprendizaje.

Número total de diapositivas: 100
Duración del curso: Dos horas (incluyendo la prueba)
Curso válido para: 2 meses a partir de la recepción de los datos de acceso. Usted no tendrá acceso a los contenidos en línea después de completar el curso.
Certificado válido para: 3 años.
Tipo de Licencia: Una licencia de usuario no puede ser transferido después de que se le asigna login.

HIPAA examen de certificación:

Usted se hace la prueba una vez que complete el curso completo. Usted necesita para pasar la prueba de 12 preguntas (Seis preguntas por capítulo) con el 70% para recibir el Certificado Asociado de privacidad de HIPAA (CHPA) Certificación.

La prueba se ejecuta 20 minutos (10 minutos permitidos por capítulo) y puede tomarse una sola vez. Si pasa la prueba, usted puede imprimir su certificado inmediatamente. Si no pasa el examen, usted puede pagar $ 75 para volver a tomar la prueba.

Formato de la prueba: preguntas de opción múltiple.

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Costo de Capacitación y CHPA prueba de certificación: $99

Prueba CHPA Certificación solamente: $75

Bosquejos CHPA Curso:

  • Visión general de HIPAA y regla de privacidad de HIPAA
    • Información de salud ¿Qué está protegida (PHI)
    • ¿Qué información está cubierta
    • ¿Qué es el mínimo necesario y cuando no se aplica
    • El aviso de prácticas de privacidad (NPP)
    • ¿Qué es los requisitos obligatorios
    • ¿Qué es el uso y divulgación de phi
    • revelaciones requeridas
    • La divulgación de PHI para operaciones de tratamiento, pago y atención médica (TPO)
    • TPO usar – Las notas de psicoterapia
    • Cuando no se requiere autorización
    • requisitos de organización
    • requerimiento de documentación
    • Requeridos políticas, procedimientos y sanciones
    • Sanciones
    • Derechos de privacidad individuales
    • Al registrar el acceso puede ser negado.
    • Derechos por la solicitud de modificación
    • violaciones a la privacidad
    • Asociados y ejemplos de Negocios
    • Otras leyes de privacidad, HIPAA y la ley estatal
  • Resumen regla HIPAA Seguridad
    • Visión general de salvaguardias administrativas
      • Proceso de gestión de la seguridad
      • la seguridad de la Fuerza Laboral
      • Gestión de acceso Información
      • Sensibilización y formación en
      • gestión de contraseñas
      • Plan de contingencia
      • normas adicionales
    • Normas de seguridad físicos
      • Controles de acceso Facilidad
      • Controles de dispositivo y soportes
      • Otras normas
    • Normas técnicas de salvaguardias
      • El control de acceso
      • seguridad en la transmisión
      • de acceso remoto
      • Otras normas
    • Breach Notification
    • requisitos de organización
    • Contratos de socios de negocios
    • Otros acuerdos
    • Política y documentación requisito
  • El Omnibus Regla 08 2013 (Nuevo)

La formación por encima de lo preparará para la Certificación HIPAA para Certified HIPAA Privacy Asociado:

Online HIPAA Training
Siguiente Certificación HIPAA seguir:
Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert (CHPE)
Certified HIPAA Security Expert (CHSE)
Certified HIPAA Privacy Security Expert (CHPSE)


  1. This class is the most comprehensive and detailed hippa class I’ve taken. The material was presented very clearly and explained thoroughly. It was far and away better than all previous Hipaa classes I’ve taken.Tiphanni Chamberlain
    Mint Dental
  2. The program helped me understand more about HIPAA, in many ways. At first, I thought HIPAA was a law that keeps a covered entity from releasing any information on the insured, but when in took the program I understood that there is more to HIPAA. Since I got a better understanding of HIPAA, it has made it easier for me to explain to our members and help make them more aware. I’m glad I had the opportunity to take this program. Thank you for your time.
    Hilari Panaguiton
    Customer Service Represenative
    Calvo’s SelectCare Health Plan
    The Shams Group
  3. The CHPA course was extremely helpful in learning and understanding the regulations and background for HIPAA. I strongly recommend this course for anyone in the healthcare industry.
    David Park
    Principal Consultant, Cloud and Security
    Verizon Terremark
  4. This course provides lots of HIPAA awareness and both the chapters with audio is helpful to understand in detail with live examples.I strongly recommend to all health care professionals and Business Associates to register and take these certifications. This will not only help you to certify but it will be great help in job as well.
    Owais Ali (Allen)
    Human Resource (HR)
    The Shams Group
  5. I really found the CHPA Certification Online-Training Course to be beneficial for myself; as well as all specialties and areas of healthcare for both Clinical/Medical and Administrative purposes. I have over the 15-years of corporate experience in Administrative Healthcare as both a Medical Executive Committee Board Member and Credentialing Specialist. I found this program a wealth of knowledgeable information on how to better protect and work with PHI and other miscellaneous privileged information for credentialing confidential documents.The Online-Training Course was extremely thorough in explaining HIPAA Guidelines, Policies and Regulations. Successful in assisting and providing me with all explanations and descriptions of the HIPAA Uses and HIPAA Disclosures under the HIPAA II Administrative Privacy and Security Rule. Supremus Group LLC offers a convenient in-depth PowerPoint presentation and outline, easy to understand in the comfort of your work space or home. The program covers useful topics such as minimal necessary transactions, when mandatory reporting applies, limited data sets pertaining to business contacts and government agencies; as well as Federal and State Laws; sanctions or consequences for breaking or breaching HIPAA, and how to report a breach to a HIPAA Officer. The program even offers an in-depth training on how to provide and be compliant with HIPAA security for logging into and accessing servers, workstations and hardware where PHI exists and/ or  can be accessed. Excellent certification program and highly recommended for ALL healthcare professions.Sincerely,
    Jenifer A. Polk
    Staff Credentialing Coordinator
    Continental Anesthesia, Ltd
  6. CHPA HIPAA Certification Course is a well-defined, concise-yet-detailed approach on understanding how HIPAA works and how it is relevant to your line of work. They even offer sound consultation on how a specific course would better fit your demands. A must for any startup business in the healthcare field.
    Vincent Henson
    Transmedicus Transcription Services
  7. This course provides lots of HIPAA awareness and both the chapters with audio is helpful to understand in detail with live examples.I strongly recommend to all health care professionals and Business Associates  to register and take these certifications. This will not only help you to certify but it will be great help in job as well.
    Owais Ali (Allen)
    Human Resource (HR)
    The Shams Group
  8. The Course for the Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate is extremely helpful in the regards our company has a few Business Agreements with some Labs and other physicians offices and I learned that we need to monitor their employess security in our system as much as we monitor our own.  I do believe I’m going to look into our New Employees go through this course or something similar so they will no the dos and don’ts regarding HIPAA and Security.
    Dawn Talley, CMC
    Operations Manager

    Renal Specialists of Houston
  9. I would recommend anyone who works in a healthcare setting, or who deals with HIT on a daily basis, to take this certification! I work for a HIT software company, and most of our employees have taken and benefited tremendously from this course. Educating all of our employees, so they have a full understanding of HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, will help our company make certain we maintain HIPAA compliancy when dealing with PHI.Thanks,
    Omeed Shams

    The Shams Group (TSG)
  10. The course was helpful by giving real life example of how the policies were applied. This was a good review of what HIPAA entails.  I can truly say that I learned so much from this training.Linda Fuentes
    Accounting Tech. II

    SJSU Student Health Center
  11. is the fastest and easiest HIPAA certification program on the net.
    Bob Mehta is very responsive to emails and I can honestly say I would not be certified now if it was not for his help and quick answers.
  12. Leonard Dreyfuss
    Product Manager

  13. New challenges in the integral health care to all patients have arisen. Nowadays, not only a high-quality medical assitance is required but also a strong protection of patient privacy is mandatory facing all potential threats. Awareness within all health care providers needs to be implemented regardless the setting in which the access to and possible disclosure of protected health information takes place.After throughly reviewing the material provided, the HIPAA concept itself is taken to a new level of organization, where all human and logistics resources are integrated to build a reliable, proficient and responsible entity. HIPAA policies aiming to excelence must be addressed, by stablishing clear, straightforward circuits in procedures, practices and documentation. Every member must be included in the process, making sure that the individual level of scope is well defined and by doing so developing a judicious practice, respectful of patients, medical institutions, public policies, and civil rights regarding health-care information. From a personal point of view, the knowledge and mastery of HIPAA privacy and security policies becomes the best  tool to set new standards of quality, as a proactive team-member, in addition to regular assistance duties, monitoring the appropiate sharing, employing, applying and disclosure of health protected information is pivotal in a day-to-day basis.The HIPAA certification course provided by your company is a very comprehensive, yet enjoyable way to get involved in an ever-changing world of HIPAA policies. I strongly recommend to all health care professionals to undertake this journey under your guidance, assuring the best possible outcomes from a well-organized,  trustworthy support group.
  14. By doing CHPA course I got a more accurate knowledge of HIPAA regulations, I learned about the Privacy and Security rules and how they apply to Covered Entities and the different types of Business Associates. I acquired a deeper understanding on the PHI and the rules to use and disclose it in a safe way like the Minimum Necessary and TPO disclosures. I learned about the Organizational requirements and Safeguards (Administrative, Physical, Technical) that should be implemented in order to protect PHI and to be compliant with Privacy and Security rules, as well as how to create adequate policies and procedures , the applicable sanctions and the documentation requirements. I got a clear Idea of the rights individuals have on their own PHI such as amendments, restriction requests and the right to be informed by knowing the Notice of Privacy PracticesNow I am aware that Contingency plans are part of Security rule and benefit everyone since they prevent loss of information and allow the companies to have a plan for managing emergencies. Thanks to this course I have a more clear vision of the consequences of information breaches, how to avoid them, what to do when they happen (notification) and their consequences at civil and legal levels. I really think that HIPAA training is pivotal for any company that works with Health information and for its employees since HIPAA compliance is a legal requirement. Knowledge on HIPAA is a valuable tool to perform work in a legally safe way for both the trained employee and the company, and is a plus that individual has for growing professionally. Finally, I want to add in a very personal way that in the development of my job, and as I see how HIPAA rules are implemented and how topics and questionnaires in these courses are so professional and serious, I realize the very big magnitude of these politics, and by having this knowledge I have the tools to surveil and improve the compliance of my team mates, my company and myself with HIPAA rules.
    Daniel Castrillon
    Analyst PhysicianFPG – Colombia
  15. The HIPAA lessons and training program was especially useful in understanding the law and how it relates to government, people and service providers in the medical world.  The audio along with the visual portion of the presentation was very helpful in comprehending the lesson. Myself being in the technical area, management and security are the primary factors in technology today, while my main purpose in SHI international is making sure this function is carried out by creating a secure infrastructure and environment.  I feel it’s important and mandatory that all persons related in this field be trained and understand the importance of this lesson.
    Anthony Sangiorgi Cloud Administrator
  16. I am really thankful I found Supremus Group LLC for the HIPAA Training course. Mr. Mehta went above and beyond to help me with the training and test process. He kept encouraging me not to worry or give up and that I would do well.  Overall I was able to get motivated by his encouragement and would highly recommend this course be taken if anyone is taking the online HIPAA exam.
    Nikkita Clark
    Medical Records Supervisor
  17. The course was berry helpful in explaining the material in a way that was easy to understand and follow.
    I was able to understand the intricate regulations of HIPAA and I would recommend this course to any one that may be to take this certification.
  18. Raul Rivera
    SHI International Corp

  19. The CHPA Certification Training course provided through is a very thorough and well-organized training program.  If you are looking to understand the complexity of HIPAA law and subsequent laws that deal with patient privacy and security, this is the course to take.
    Lenox Powell, CO
  20. Having remembered the painful experience of typical online courses, I was not necessarily ecstatic to undergo this course. However, I found that this online course through Supremus Group was actually surprisingly informative and helpful. I took on a new position at work where it will be necessary to follow HIPAA laws. Through this extensive online training, I realized how it would have been beneficial for me to have gone through this course even as a personal trainer years ago! Though the course was easy to follow, it did not sacrifice quality, pertinent information, or real world application.
    Kali Knapp
    Work Strong Coordinator
  21. Irvine, CA

  22. The format of the training course was very easy to understand. The clear cut information on each area describing in detail with supporting information made it easy to comprehend. Working in the healthcare industry I can now apply what I’ve learned because I fully understand HIPAA and can make confident decisions. This module has taught me how HIPAA has several capacities from how I write my documentation and how I protect my workstation. It also has revealed that my organization as a whole has a responsibility of holding not only myself but anyone associated with the organization accountable to HIPAA. I would definitely recommend this module to my co-workers and others to learn more about HIPAA.
    Luis C Delgado
  23. The Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate (CHPA) online certification course was of immense benefit to me as I was able to learn the HIPAA requirements with regards to confidentiality, Integrity and availability as it applies to Health Records. I particularly appreciate the sections that discuss privacy protection without hindering quality patient care and compliance issues.
    John Adetunji Oyeleke
  24. The CHPA online training for me is superb. Although we have several training sessions here, I find this online an enriching experience. The trainer, slides are all well prepared. I really look forward to having some more in the future for us to kept apprised and always be reminded of the possible penalties if we violate this privacy rule. From the trainer and to all those who helped prepare the stuffs, thank you for the knowledge imparted.
    Arlene B. Matanguihan, CPHM
    Utilization Management Manager
    Calvos Insurance
  25. I felt the information given was very informative since I virtually knew nothing about HIPAA except not to talk about a patient’s personal or medical information. As I see now, it is much more detailed than that. I will keep my notes close by so they can be referred to as necessary.
    Karen Legge
  26. I enrolled in the online training for CHPA through As a medical student with no previous exposure to HIPAA, I found the online material provided to be extremely easy to understand, comprehensive in nature and conveyed the salient points necessary for CHPA certification. I would recommend this course without hesitation to anyone that is a novice to the material.
    Ian Britton
  27. I have just completed the CHPA training and certification module offered by Supremus Group and wanted to share what I found to be a very positive experience. The ease of access and convenience of the online environment allowed me to complete the training according to my own schedule. The course content was extremely knowledgeable in respect to current HIPAA regulation regarding ARRA, business associates, covered entities, and the Hi-Tech Act. I have already begun recommending the HIPAA training and certifications offered by Supremus Group to my students and colleagues.
    Associate Professor, Director HIM Program
    Manchester, NH
  28. I took the CHPA course and passed. I learned so much, Bob and his crew were awesome!!!
    L. Shearin, Reno, NV
  29. I enrolled in the CHPA course provided by and found it to be comprehensive, easy to follow and effective at teaching the important aspects of HIPAA. I would recommend the course to anyone wishing to obtain certification and receive a comprehensive understanding of HIPAA basics, security and privacy regulations. – Sanjay
    Sanjay V. B. Patel
    GEP 2012
  30. I am a social work student at a major university wanting to gain HIPAA compliance certification for a future internship opportunity. The site offered me an in depth online training that i used to learn many new things about HIPAA and state laws. Their staff was committed to working with me to make sure i got the training i needed.
    Todd Obermeyer
  31. As a medical student I enrolled in the “Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate (CHPA) Online Training and Certification Test.” I found the course to be very informative, well taught and worth every cent. The lecturer’s went thoroughly through the course and gave real life scenario examples, which made it much easier to understand. Finally the service providers were kind and very helpful throughout the course. I highly recommend this program to anyone in need of a well taught HIPAA program.” – Hasif Hakim
    Hasif Hakim
  32. I studied hard for my CHPA. The course work was challenging for me.
    I found the Supremus Group LLC, namely Bob Mehta to be highly professional, supportive and extremely HIPAA knowledgeable. It did not matter when I e-mailed or when I telephoned, Bob Mehta consistently got back with me on a very timely manner and worked with me to answer questions and provide me with detailed information regarding the CHPA course and concepts. I applaud Bob Mehta as if it was not for him and his support, I do not believe I would have succeeded.
  33. Noemi

  34. The course helped me tremendously in understanding the HIPAA Privacy laws. I feel as if everyone in healthcare should take this course to better serve and protect patients rights.
    Christian Puntarelli
    Geb Medical
  35. The CHPA course was very detailed but in a format that was easy to follow. The information was all inclusive. I have been in the medical profession for almost 30 years and learned quite a bit of information taking this course. I feel that we all need to refresh our memory regarding important information in the medical field. The issue of privacy is one of the most important issues we have to deal with. People are sharing very detailed and personal issues with me and I am in a very important position as to how I treat that information. I always thought that I had a healthy respect of others personal information and how I treat that information. I have found that I take a new attitude toward the professionalism of nursing after going through this process of CHPA certification. This process will assist me through my life in improving the care I give those I interact with both on a professional as well as private level.
    Susan Porter, RN
  36. I highly recommend this training to every HIPAA professional. It helped me in understanding the policies, procedures and audit processes required of my organization.
    Krishna Prasad
  37. It was really great to take this course to know more US health insurance sector and their privacy policies. This also helps in Preventing and implementing techniques for Health Care misuse. The information shared is wonderful. I would like to go ahead and refer my colleagues to take this course.
    Subeesh MB
    Genpact, Bangalore, India
  38. The course content was very well explained and showcased in the presentations. It was very informative and was easy to understand. I would like to recommend people to take your training in case they are required to.
    Mithun Divakar
  39. The experience was positive and the HIPAA information was presented with a clear understanding. I will recommend your company to all of my colleagues. Thank you so much for your time.
    Cherie Vanterpool
    Health and Wellness Coordinator Assistant
    The Lotus House Women’s Shelter
    Operated by the Sundari Foundation
    Miami, Florida 33136
  40. I recently took the online course for the HIPAA Certification. I was very pleased with the material, the outline and the detailed information that was included in the course. The material used was updated and easy to understand. I plan on taking what I have learned from this course and sharing it with my co-workers to inform them of the many laws and regulations, updates and changes made to the HIPAA Privacy Rule.
    Cayce Nichols
    Bluegrass Pain Consultants, PLLC
  41. The Instructor provided easy to understand examples, that when related to the content, made it very easy to interpret and apply towards the subject. Throughout the presentation, the instructor provided real life examples, which made the material and subject matter understandable and easy to follow.
    I would recommend this course to anyone!
  42. Roger Kory Zuckweiler
    PhysioWorks & Informatics-Health

  43. As a Systems Engineer working to specialize in the security area of the IT industry, I chose the CHPA as the first step along the security path in my career. This test proved to be a great entry level certification for HIPAA compliance. The exam and course was well documented and allowed for a beginner to truly grasp the concept and ideas behind HIPAA.
    Kevin Kruger
    Technical Projects Systems Engineer
  44. The course is a very complete and intensive training. It opened my eyes to the complexity of the law, how it applies to me and other sections of the industry.
    Peri Gretton BSRT
    Americas Applications Manager
    4851 LBJ Fwy
    Suite 400
    Dallas, Tx 75244
  45. CHPA training thoroughly covered the policies, procedures, and practices. It provided appropriate methods and terminology to ensure the IRB committee approves my study.This training thoroughly covered the policies, procedures, and practices students and researchers should adhere to when conducting research or working with human subjects and sensitive protected health information (PHI).
    Nicole Simmons-Johnson
    Doctoral Candidate
  46. After having taken this course, I now have a better and more detailed understand of the history, fundamentals and importance of HIPAA, privacy and security. I also have a fuller, more well-rounded view of what they mean for the healthcare industry. I have taken several other HIPAA courses for other work and learning environments so I have had to be in compliance with HIPAA for quite some time now. I appreciate this course and the instructor’s expertise and applicable examples on the topics covered.”
    Nicholas Blackstock
  47. Thank you for your website which is a place where health care professionals are able to receive HIPAA training and certification. Your dedication to this field was demonstrated by your prompt responses, encouragement and motivation to my staff and myself. At this time I feel confident that we are able to uphold the HIPAA standard as it relates to Security and Privacy. I am proud to be a Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate.
    RT Johnson
  48. CHPA certificate helps you to gain the knowledge on the HIPAA regulations for any healthcare working associate and will be a boon for the associate who are directly working for the HIPAA related tasks.
  49. The Instructor provided easy to understand examples, that when related to the content, made it very easy to interpret and apply towards the subject. Throughout the presentation, the instructor provided real life examples, which made the material and subject matter understandable and easy to follow.
    I would recommend this course to anyone!Roger Kory Zuckweiler
    PhysioWorks & Informatics-Health
  50. Just a note to let you know how impressed and grateful I am with the program you have put together. Your course was not only thorough, but also most enjoyable. The combination of listening to the training, along with reading the text, really made all the difference in my passing the HIPAA certification test. I am so glad to get the HIPAA certification behind me and I thank you for helping me in doing so. I have already recommended your course to quite a few people.
    Mary Novotny
    Lead Medical Transcriptionist
    Teletrak Medical Transcription Inc.
  51. “Taking an online course felt really impersonal to me. I was afraid I’d miss the in-person interaction. what I found though was that the format given by the Supremus Group was incredibly interactive. It was great to learn this course. The course was more helpful when real life examples where given about how the policies were applied. I have even recommended my friends who are working in Healthcare domain to the CHPA training to understand the HIPAA Basics , Security and Privacy regulations.
    Apart from this I’m thankful to Bob Mehta for helping and providing me with detailed information regarding the CHPA course and concepts”
    Ravikiran Chinta
    Software Test Engineer
  52. I recently took the HIPAA CHPA certification online training course as a part of a requirement for my job. This course provided me with a great understanding of the HIPAA standard. I now understand the intent of the standard, how organizations need to ensure they attain and remain HIPAA certified, and how HIPAA will ensure the Healthcare industry can protect patients’ rights. I would recommend this course to anyone who will deal with HIPAA.Chris Parker
    Terremark Sales Executive, Healthcare
    Verizon Enterprise Solutions
  53. For someone who has not been in the healthcare space for many years, taking your HIPAA training provided me with a great foundation in which to build upon. I also thought the class instructor was very experienced and provided the class with memorable examples.
    Michael Reid
    Terremark Sales Executive, Healthcare
    Verizon Enterprise Solutions
  54. “HIPAA is a highly complex law. This course greatly helped improve my understanding of its intricacies. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone who needs a solid foundation in the details of the law in order to expand regular compliance.”
    The Beekman Group
  55. I am really thankful I found Supremus Group LLC for the HIPAA Training course. Mr. Mehta went above and beyond to help me with the training and test p rocess. He kept encouraging me not to worry or give up and that I would do well. Overall I was able to get motivated by his encouragement and would highly recommend this course be taken if anyone is taking the online HIPAA exam.
    Nikkita Clark
    Medical Records Supervisor
  56. If you have any questions with reference to the course or certification test, feel free to contact us at or call us at 515-865-4591.


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