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HIPAA Privacy Training for CHPE® Credential

Online Anytime HIPAA Privacy Training (level 1)

Certified HIPAA Privacy Training

This HIPAA Privacy Training course will help privacy officer and compliance team members responsible for privacy compliance  to understand the HIPAA law requirement for Privacy rule & basic overview on HIPAA security rule and guide you on how to make your organization HIPAA compliant. Our HIPAA Privacy Training also includes changes to the HIPAA privacy regulation due to Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health ( HITECH ) Act which is part of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) and Omnibus rule of 2013. This HIPAA Privacy training will prepare you for HIPAA certification test of Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert (CHPE®).

HIPAA Privacy Training Target Audience:

  • Healthcare provider & Payer privacy compliance employees
  • Privacy lawyers involved in health care
  • Compliance teams for HIPAA Privacy
  • HR Staff & manager
  • Privacy Auditors
  • Privacy Consultants
  • Clinical physicians and office managers
  • Head Nurse
  • Privacy Instructors

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We encourage you to call us to discuss your job role so we can recommend the appropriate HIPAA course to meet your learning objectives.

Total Course Duration: 15 hours
Audio: Yes
Number of Total Slides: 507 slides
Total Chapters: 14
Online course login expires in: 6 months from receiving the login details. You will not have access to online content after you complete the course.
Certificate valid for: 3 Years
Type of License: One user license cannot be transferred after login is assigned.

Continuing Education Requirements After Getting Certified:
Once a year all students will have to go through one hour of update course which will include relevant regulation changes and other OCR/HHS activities on compliance and enforcement.

To maintain your certification, you will continue taking update courses when they are released. You will receive new certificate when your certificate will expire if you have taken all required update courses. You will NOT be required to take any test if you have taken the update courses regularly.

Certificate for Continuing Education Credits:

Students can buy CE credits certificate for this course at the time of registration. You will receive 15 CE credit for this course through Approved Provider of California Board of Registered Nursing after completing the course.

Free Online HIPAA Training Demo

Cost of online training and CHPE® certification test: $648 (Additional Options to buy: $319.99 printed manual, $75 CHPE® practice test, $250 two hours of Instructor support, $150 unlimited CHPE® exam attempts)


CHPE® Certification Test Only: $150 per attempt


HIPAA Privacy Regulation Certification Test:

You are tested after you complete the full course. You need to pass the 39 questions test (3 questions per chapter, 5 minutes per chapter to answer the questions) with 70% to receive the HIPAA certification of Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert (CHPE®)

This test is for 1 hour 5 minutes only. You get 5 minutes per chapter to answer three questions from each chapter.

Test Format: Multiple Choice Questions.

Course Learning Objectives:

Chapter 1 – HIPAA Basics

  • Understand the purpose for HIPAA legislation
  • Review the HIPAA Administrative Simplification title
  • Review non-compliance penalties (civil and criminal)
  • Review key organizations associated with administering HIPAA Administrative Simplification provisions
  • Review HIPAA-related terminology and definitions

Chapter 2 – Transactions & Code Sets Overview

  • Understand motivation and drivers behind requiring HIPAA standard transactions and code sets

Chapter 3 – Transactions – ANSI X12 and NCPDP

  • Examine the ANSI ASC X12 & NCPDP transactions

Chapter 4 – Code Sets & National Identifiers

  • Understand the code sets approved for use with HIPAA-covered transactions
  • Understand national identifiers that have been adopted or may be adopted to identify entities or individuals in HIPAA-covered transactions

Chapter 5 – HIPAA and Health Data – Security & Privacy Requirements

  • Describe how HIPAA relates to health information exchange
  • Identify the steps for compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rules
  • Identify the steps for compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule
  • Review compliance framework

Chapter 6 – HIPAA Privacy Rule

  • Understand the core requirements, key terms, and concepts of the Privacy Rule

Chapter 7 – HIPAA Privacy Rules – Organizational & Individual Relationships, Rights & Responsibilities

  • Understand Organizational Relationships
  • Explain Individual Privacy Rights

Chapter 8 – Privacy Rule – Notice of Privacy Practices

  • Understand HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices (Notice) and Authorization requirements and how to draft and distribute paper and electronic Notices of Privacy Practices and appropriately use an Authorization

Chapter 9 – Privacy Rule – Uses and disclosures of PHI

  • Understand the general rules regarding use and disclosure of PHI
  • Understand the rules regarding disclosure for treatment, payment, and health care operations
  • Understand the rules regarding disclosure for public purposes

Chapter 10 – Privacy Rule – Safeguards

  • Understand the necessary safeguards to comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule security requirements and appropriate privacy practices

Chapter 11 – HIPAA Security Rule – Overview

  • Describe the scope of the HIPAA Security Rule.
  • Understand threats and attacks health care enterprises are vulnerable to
  • Define key security terminology, concepts, and categories
  • Describe administrative safeguards implementation specifications.
  • Describe physical safeguards implementation specifications.
  • Explain technical safeguards implementation specifications.
  • Describe organizational requirements.
  • Describe the policies and procedures standards, as well as the documentation standards.

Chapter 12 – American Recovery & Reinvestment Act

  • American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA), Title XIII, Subpart D Overview (HITECH)
  • Business Associates New Requirements
  • Breach Notification Requirements
  • New Privacy & Security Requirements
  • Increased Enforcement & Penalties
  • Federal Reporting & Resource Requirements
  • Compliance Tips

Chapter 13 – The Omnibus Rule

  • Omnibus Rule Background
  • Breach Notification Rule
  • New Limits on Uses and Disclosures of PHI
  • Business Associates
  • Increased Patient Rights
  • Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Increased Enforcement
  • Update Action Considerations

Chapter 14 – 2019 Annual HIPAA Certification CE Credits

  • HIPAA 2020:  A Review of 2019 – Section 1
  • HIPAA 2020:  A Look Ahead – Section 2
  • HIPAA 2020:  A Brief Recap – Section 3
  • HIPAA and FERPA:  A Comparison – Section 4

Total Number of Slides – 507
Length of course: 15 Hours
The above training will prepare you for HIPAA Certification of Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert:



  1. Supremus Group LLC has a fantastic training great for employers of all sizes and industries to help get their professional staff trained.
    Jennifer Akers.
    Human Resources Manager
  2. I found the CHPE course very user-friendly both online and while utilizing the student manual. The step by step training and question and answers sections after each unit were also very helpful! I have learned more specifics and better training knowledge through this program and would recommend this course to anyone that is responsible for HIPAA compliance in the workplace.
    Shonda Bolen-Admin. Assistant/Personnel-Payroll
  3. The healthcare vertical continues to march towards an ever increasing digital delivery model.  Along with this change arrives enhanced risk involving patient health information.  It is the obligation of all stakeholders involved in the delivery of care and especially providers to maintain a high level of subject matter expertise concerning HIPAA and HITECH related compliance policies and procedures.  The training I received from HIPAATRAINING.NET was up to date and relevant resulting in my ability to pass the CHPE exam.  I would recommend this course to anyone interested in gaining a more formal command of the relevant HIPAA Privacy related requirements.
    S. Vincent Grasso, D.O.
    Informaticist / Business Analyst / Surgeon
    Chatham, New Jersey
  4. The online course and the manual are excellent materials to update prior HIPAA training and are also an excellent resource for novices in HIPAA compliance.  The concise summary of the HIPAA provisions in the ARRA rules really focused its impact on existing HIPAA regulations.
    Jean Beard, CCP
    Compliance Audit Manager
  5. “The hipaatraining.net CHPE course gave me an excellent opportunity to develop my understanding of the past, present and future compliance issues associated with HIPAA.  Each of the instructor’s presentations focused on the specific issues faced by covered entities, and the test questions allowed me to view the various regulations from the perspective of a DHHS investigator.  I look forward to using the information I learned in developing my law practice and resolving the specific HIPAA-related issues of my healthcare clients.”
    -Amit Trivedi
  6. HIPAA Training course has enhanced my knowledge of HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule as it applies to, administrative, physical, and technical components in a work setting and actual application to work.  This course is beneficially comprehensive; it covered Privacy and Security Rule, Code Sets, Use & Disclosure, Organizational and Individual, Relationships, Rights and responsibilities, and other HIPAA topics.
    While taking this course I was factoring in and taking notes in the areas where our agencies needs improvement or areas that are neglected.In addition, to being comprehensive this course also provides guidance in planning and implementation, such as compliance frame work, conducting a risk analysis, to creating or enhancing exiting policies and procedures. It seems most course merely throw you information and don’t provide you guidance or implementations. I was ecstatic on the section on policies and procedures as this is one of my duties. I plan to use this knowledge as a HIPAA Compliance Office and as the designated policy coordinator.
    The information is current and provides “addendum” and links to those “moving targets” or ever changing information. It should be mentioned not only are the links current they work and are in not “sorry page not available” mode. I appreciated the graphics to further explain certain topics. The graphics help as some people are visual learners. The HIPAA “helpdesk” was always available  and immediately responded to my email questions.It is obvious this training was created by people from numerous disciplines; administrators, policy makers, judicial, behavioral health providers, doctors, etc……..
    I highly recommend this HIPAA Training course it’s valuably comprehensive and critically applicable.
    Joann Flanagan, M.Ed., LADC, NCACII
    Quality Assurance Specialist III
    State of Nevada
    Division of Mental Health Developmental Services (MHDS)
  7. Anyone seeking a more comprehensive understanding of the HIPAA and HiTech rules and regulations should consider taking the Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert course through the Supremus Group. After taking this course I have a better understanding of the administrative, physical and technical aspects of the HIPAA regulations enabling me to stay HIPAA compliant on the job.
    Carol Cox
    The Denver Hospice
  8. I found the course to be extremely informative.  I had basic HIPAA knowledge prior to this training.  I now feel comfortable in my title as Privacy Office.  The course material and handout information are excellent references.  The instructor was very insightful and kept my interest throughout the program.  This program was money well spent.
    Phyllis Jacobs, RHIT
    Director of Health Information Management

    Yoakum Community Hospital
  9. The course training was a very detailed, thought-provoking explanation of the HIPAA privacy requirements. The instructor was very knowledgeable of all aspects of the HIPAA privacy Training and security rules. The course has prepared me to address office, departmental and individual privacy issues.
    Sue Hilkemeyer
    Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan
  10. The instructor was as expert on the subject matter. He presented the material in a very interesting and understandable way. His presentation was extremely effective. The use of real life examples helped me to understand how the material would apply to my particular position at my company. The instructor had also taken time to understand our company and how it worked and was able to use examples specific to our particular jobs at MCHCP. The instructor allowed us to ask questions and still managed to stay on task and meet all deadlines. This course has allowed me to gain knowledge regarding HIPAA that I would not have gotten from other classes.
    LeAnn Perkins,
    Missouri Consolidated Health Care plan
  11. The HIPAA course is an extremely useful course for all in the healthcare industry. It provides an in depth look at the rule itself as well as the laws and regulations governing the rule. The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and provides the information in a methodical manner that is easy to follow. I have recommended this course and will continue to recommend this course to all my colleagues.Thank you Bob for all of your support during this course.
    Janice E. Durden, MBA, CCRA
    Senior Vice President Clinical Operations
    NCGS Incorporated
  12. The self-paced HIPAA certification and training is an excellent program for anyone in the Health Care profession. The instructor is very knowledgeable and gives real life examples that are easy to comprehend. I will highly recommend this course to colleagues who need to strengthen their knowledge of HIPAA.Renee Greene, CCRP
    NCGS Incorporated
  13. The CHPE coursework is very intense. It covers all of the required elements that are needed to get you prepared for the final exam. I would highly suggest that you take sufficient notes during the course if you don’t purchase the book. I would highly recommend printing off the addendums. I was extremely pleased with the way the coursework was presented. If you are wanting to enhance your knowledge base, this course will definitely do that.
    Thanks so much!!
    Stephanie M. Giberson, RHIT, CHPE
  14. The Comprehensive HIPAA Privacy and Intermediate Security Training class was well structured and thorough. The combination of the course book chapter reviews, PowerPoint presentation slides and instructor notes were extremely helpful and prepared me for the Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert (CHPE) certification exam. I’m confident I’ll excel in the Privacy related responsibilities associated with my new role.
    Lisa Nitz

If you have any questions with reference to the course or certification test, feel free to contact us at Bob@training-hipaa.net or call us at 515-865-4591. 


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