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HIPAA HITECH ARRA and Red Flag Rule Training

HIPAA HITECH Training Course Outline:

  • American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA), Title XIII, Subpart D Overview (HITECH)
  • Business Associates New Requirements
  • Breach Notification Requirements
  • New Privacy & Security Requirements
  • Increased Enforcement & Penalties
  • Federal Reporting & Resource Requirements
  • Compliance Tips

The Red Flag Rule Training Course Outline:

  • Red Flag Rule Overview
  • State Identity Theft Protection Laws   ARRA Breach Notification Requirements
  • Definition of “Red Flags”
  • Identity Theft Protection Program Requirements
  • Increased Enforcement & Penalties
  • Implementation Tips.

Course duration: 80 minutes.
Course valid for: 2 months from receiving the login details. You will not have access to online content after you complete the course.
Type of License: One user license cannot be transferred after login is assigned.

Cost of online training: $45



HIPAA Certification Training for Covered Entities and Business Associates

HIPAA-Compliance-Training HIPAA-Security-Training
HIPAA Compliance Training HIPAA Security Training
HIPAA-Privacy-Training Basic-HIPAA-Training
HIPAA Privacy Training Basic HIPAA Training


1. Thank you for providing the training kit on this subject. Your program was very informative and helpful as my organization seems to be moving me into the compliance arena. I see I have a lot of hard work and many challenges ahead!.

Angela Richard, RHIT
Health Information Manager

2. The HIPAA HITECH ARRA training overview was extremely useful. In my position, I have to make sense of new regulations and their effect on our business proceses AND communicate this information annually to our employees. This video helped make sense of the new regulation as it refers to HIPAA and protecting health information. Thank you for the opportunity more clearly understand the requirements and the changes/addtions to the HIPAA law and its legal requirements.

Maxine Sheinin, CISSP, CISM
Manager of Information Security
Van Ru Credit Corporation

3. I just completed viewing the HIPAA HITECH ARRA training video on your website. This course was concise and clearly underlined those parts of the ARRA legislation that I needed to be aware of as a business associate. Good high level compliance tips were discussed. An efficient and informative use of my time.

Joey Sharpe, H.I.A., A.C.S., A.L.H.C.
Senior Consultant
The Intelligent Solutions Group, Inc.

4. The HITECH training was easy to follow and very informative. The instructor did a good job of keeping my attention, not just reading each slide. I particularly found the section on Compliance tips helpful.

Mathew Smith

5. The HIPAA, HITECH, and ARRA training provided a lot of good information. It covered areas that were in need of further explanation. I found it useful and will use the information going forward.

Toni Jones
Director of Administration

6. Hi Mike, I just completed this training and was very impressed. The training was thorough, informative, and practical. It was communicated very well and easy to understand and follow, both the slides and the oral information. Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to attend!

P. Dysart
Integrated Health Plan (IHP)

7. Thank you for a very clear and concise explanation of HIPAA. Your lessons were easy to follow and informative. I would highly recommend it to any looking for a great foundation of information and facts with regards to HIPAA.

Wayland Cato

8. I am very much obliged to Bob for connecting me for this online free HIPAA training program and it was my pleasure to know about the various security policies associated with the HIPAA guidelines.

Samayita Choudhuri
EZ Bioxcel

9. I just completed the HIPAA HITECH ARRA online training session.  This was great!  The information included showed me, that although our company is compliant in most ways, there are new items that we need further review and update our P&P with.  The detail included will really help us step up our internal training processes as well.  This was easy to follow, even though the subject matter is in-depth.
Thank you for the simplified updates, and “Tips” for further compliance.

Anna Lee
Education, Training and Outreach Lead
Medical Transportation Management, Inc

10. The presentation was very informative, and well organized. I would recommend the course for anyone looking for a comprehensive summary of HIPAA, especially the impact of ARRA on HIPAA privacy and security rules.

Marie Turnbull

11. I just completed the HIPAA HITECH ARRA online training session. The information was helpful in starting to train my staff. Good information, good format and good length to get the basics. I appreciate the training and look forward to receiving more!

Mary M. Lieb
Facility Security Officer

12. Hi – I am the Assistant Vice President of a printing and mailing firm located in West Michigan. A large part of our business is processing, printing, and mailing medical bills. The free online HIPPA, HITECH, and ARRA trianing module was found to be very beneficial. This gave a much more complete explanation of the new laws governing our business than I could find anywhere else online. Thank you.

J Merkins
Centron Data Services, Inc.

13. Thank you for the course. It packed a lot of information into a fairly short time.

Gwen Pekuri, CPHIT, CPHIE
Compliance Specialist South Central Human Relations Center

14. We just finished viewing the HIPAA HITECH ARRA training for Business Associate and Covered Entity video. It has a lot of useful information for review but also presents very informative and relevant information on the recent updates and changes to the laws concerning HIPAA and Privacy. It was well worth watching.

Micki Fisher
HIM Specialist

15. Thanks for the opportunity to view the online HIPAA HITECH ARRA TRAINING Session. It was extremely beneficial to obtain great information and updates. It is often difficult to know when new guidance is posted or not.

Linda B Rhodes

16. The HIPAA Hi Tech training was excellent! I found it to be thorough, easily understood and quite informative. The examples given were related to actual situations. After the presentation, I’m much more comfortable implementing and explaining the Hi-Tech requirements to my staff.

Coleen Kelleher, RN, MHA
West Des Moines, IA 5026

17. The slide program was very informative. It covered all aspect of the impact of ARRA, including penalties as well as prospective study/reporting requirements and rule development requirements.

Bettye S. Adams
First Horizon National Corporation
First Tennessee Bank National Association

18. The HIPAA HITECH ARRA online training session provided clarification on the rules. The information will be utilized to facilitate enhancement of processes. Thank you!.

Caroline Brill, RN, BSN, JD, CPHRM
Senior Risk Management Consultant
The Risk Management and Patient Safety Institute

19. Thank you for offering a chance at this training. It has helped to clarify the bits and pieces I’ve heard so far on this topic and was a valuable source of information. Thanks again! Kim.

K Slonaker
Assistant Administrator
Radiology Associates, LLP

20. Thank you for the great updates and new information of HIPAA changes. It was a great review of current requirements and a very informative presentation of some new rules and regulations.

Jody Wilkins CPC
Coding and Reimbursement Analyst
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska

21. The slide program was very informative. It covered all aspect of the impact of ARRA, including penalties as well as prospective study/reporting requirements and rule development requirements.

Bill Filandino
The Hopewell Group LLC


HIPAA HITECH ARRA and Red Flag Rule Certification course is rated 4.8 out of 5 by 263 users.