Online HIPAA Anytime Training knows that the life of a healthcare professional can be immensely busy, making travel and training hard. Due to that fact, all credential and training programs are available online at any time. This method of training is available for all levels of credentials and training and provides a new level of convenience to the training itself.

You should note that this training style is self-guided. There will not be a live instructor with you to answer your questions but you can buy instructor time to clarify your doubts and questions. This training is self-paced which allows you to work in ways that best suit your own schedule. Since the entirety of the course will take place online, it’s important that you make sure that you can meet all of the technical requirements for the platform that utilizes.

The following courses are offered for online HIPAA training anytime:

This course will cover the Comprehensive HIPAA Policy and Security Compliance Training (Level 1 & Level 2) for the CHPSE® credentials. This is the most in-depth, comprehensive training that offers and is recommended for HIPAA Privacy Officers, Security Officers, Compliance Officers, IT professionals, Auditors, Consultants, and more.

This training will cover the Comprehensive HIPAA Security Certification Training for CHSE® (Level 2) including the HITECH updates to the training material. This training is recommended for all members of the compliance team, IT professionals, Chief Information Officers, Security Compliance Officers, and more.

This course covers the Comprehensive HIPAA Privacy and Intermediate Security Training & Certification for CHPE® (Level 1).  The intended audience for this training is all compliance team members for HIPAA privacy, healthcare executives, lawyers involved in the healthcare industry, insurance executives, and more.

This training will prepare you for the CHPA® certification test which deals with the basics of HIPAA training and regulation. This course is recommended for new hires, pharmaceutical sales reps, students, general staff, and other similar people within any covered entity.

If these other training options are more that you particularly need at this point in time, does offer a one-hour HIPAA overview training for employees of covered entities and business associates. The course is recommended for all employees of covered entities to ensure that everyone involved understands HIPAA regulations.

Before signing up for any of the online anytime classes please be sure that you can meet all of the technical requirements for the course. is here and ready to help you get all your needed training in whatever method best works for your schedule.