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HITECH Policy & Procedures updates for HIPAA Privacy and Security

In February 2009 the US Congress passed The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) which includes the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act). The change to the HIPAA regulation due to HITECH act requires updates and creation of new privacy and security policies and procedures for covered entities and business associates.

Please note that these policies are ONLY updates to HIPAA Privacy and Security rule’s policy and procedures requirements. You need HITECH updates assuming that you have all the other required policy and procedures as per HIPAA Privacy and Security rule.

If you want to meet the HIPAA requirements for HIPAA Privacy and Security rule, you need to buy following templates which include HITECH updates and all HIPAA requirements.

Sample HITECH Policy

1) HIPAA Security Policy Templates $495
List of policies in the complete suite https://www.training-hipaa.net/sp_template_components/
Sample policy: https://www.training-hipaa.net/SP_Sample.pdf

2) HIPAA Privacy Policy templates $300
List of policies in the complete suite  https://www.training-hipaa.net/hipaa-compliance-tool/hipaa-privacy-procedure-forms/
Sample policy: https://www.training-hipaa.net/Authorization_for_Release_of_Inf.pdf

The HITECH Policy updates template suite includes 12 policy and procedures updates due to HITECH act for HIPAA Privacy and Security. The cost for template suite is $99.

  • Business Associates contract policy
  • Breach notification policy
  • Security incident response policy
  • Sanctions policy
  • Marketing policy
  • Fund raising policy
  • Request for copy of medical/claims record policy
  • Restriction requests policy
  • Minimum necessary policy
  • Receipt of payment when disclosing PHI
  • EHR accounting of disclosures policy
  • Response and Reporting policy

Cost: $99
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HIPAA HITECH Policy & Procedures

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