HIPAA Certification Course – Instructor-led

Instructor-led HIPAA Certification Course for Key Employees and HIPAA Compliance Consultants

Although each individual has their preferred learning method, instructor-led classroom training is the best way toHIPAA Certification Course learn complex compliance regulations. Supremus Group provides HIPAA certification training courses in multiple formats to meet your needs, including classroom HIPAA certification training courses, online HIPAA certification courses, on-site HIPAA training courses, and virtual classroom HIPAA courses (1 to 1 with Instructor). Our classroom training courses are offered across the US at multiple locations to allow flexibility and convenience. If your organization needs to train a group of five or more employees, we can bring HIPAA certification courses to you through on-site training or a train-the-trainer course. We can even design a custom HIPAA training course according to your specifications and the organization’s needs that provides a comprehensive learning environment and helps you to get certified. Many students prefer to go through the 1 to 1 HIPAA training with Instructor as the training timings are flexible and the course can be changed to meet the learning objectives of covered entities or business associates. All students receive 700 pages spiral-bound HIPAA certification book (ISBN: 978-1-62274-053-6) worth $450 free with the instructor-led training.

Is HIPAA Classroom Training the best way to achieve HIPAA Certification?

  • Do you prefer to interact with others while learning?
  • Do you prefer to interact with others while learning?
  • Do you require a distraction-free learning environment?
  • Do you need to be held accountable for your learning?
  • Do you work best in a structured environment?
  • Do you prefer to have immediate answers to questions and an opportunity to talk about training content?

If you answered yes to most or all of these questions, classroom training may be the best method for you to pursue HIPAA certification.

Benefits of our HIPAA Classroom Training

  • Our HIPAA Instructors are having many years of healthcare organization experience, HIPAA experts with practical experience in HIPAA compliance, and Security experts (CISSP or equivalent).
  • Our Instructor provides templates and additional reference material to students and guidance on the next steps of compliance
  • Support is offered by the Instructor who provided the instruction through email
  • Study material is sent as soon as the class is confirmed. This allows the student to make the first pass at the HIPAA training material
  • Small class size for more focused training
  • You will acquire tools like PowerPoint to train others in your organization
  • Focused classroom HIPAA training ensures that the student is truly focused and not running back to their desk to handle emails and telephone calls at breaks and lunch. Continual distractions lead to less retention of material by students and frustrations with competing job requirements when trying to learn new material
  • Private group HIPAA training in classrooms keeps staff focused on learning without the distractions of the workplace
  • 50-70% of people prefer to learn through a combination of visual, aural, reading & writing, and kinesthetic. This combination of learning is best accomplished through instructor-led classroom training

Client Onsite and Customized HIPAA Training:

If you’re scheduling HIPAA training for more than 4-5 people at your facility, you should consider onsite HIPAA training. This focused, cost-effective training option can save you 25-30% or more compared to individual tuition prices & traveling expenses. HIPAA Training at your facility allows us to zero in on your specific HIPAA requirements and customize the training based on your HIPAA compliance requirements. We offer onsite HIPAA training tailored to fit your budget and needs, including flexible scheduling. Onsite HIPAA training uses the same materials employed in training classes offered in our public classes. We partner with you to identify your specific needs, craft the best possible solution, and provide training that ensures that your employees have the knowledge needed to meet your organization’s specific goals and objectives of HIPAA compliance and audit.

On-site training can consist of the present curriculum, or you may customize the class by creating your own class outline to best meet your needs. This option is ideal for organizations that want more individualized instruction. We can even use your own data! Many clients find it to be the most cost-effective way to train several compliance team members at once with one-on-one instruction.

Benefits of onsite HIPAA training:

  • Savings on travel expenses per student
  • Customize course to meet your HIPAA learning objectives
  • Discuss issues and concerns that pertain to your entire organization during class
  • The convenience of having your staff in proximity and the freedom for them to be home at night
  • Flexibility in scheduling training on both weekdays and weekends
  • Opportunities for a satellite office to interface with other colleagues in one location

HIPAA Training Courses (click the following link for more information)

HIPAA Manuals for Self Study

HIPAA Training Schedule for all States

We can skillfully assist you in determining your readiness for accelerated training, and the best training options for specific requirements

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