Online HIPAA Training

Online HIPAA Training

This Online HIPAA basic overview training prepares you for the HIPAA certification exam for a Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate (CHPA). This Online HIPAA Training course is perfect for new hires, students, and the general workforce. The latest HIPAA changes under ARRA’s HITECH Act of 2009 are incorporated in the course and Omnibus rule of 2013. This 120-minute course covers everything healthcare workers need to know about HIPAA Privacy and Security. The Online HIPAA Training is intended for employees, medical students, and volunteers who need a general awareness of HIPAA. This course meets job role-based training requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

CHPA Course & exam now available in Spanish

Online HIPAA Training Target Audience:

  • Lab Technicians
  • Pharmacy Staff
  • Covered entity general employees
  • Business Associates general employees
  • Volunteers
  • New Hires in a Healthcare organization
  • Medical students
  • Nurses
  • Employees who need a general awareness of HIPAA
  • Medical Observers

We encourage you to call us to discuss your job role so we can recommend the appropriate HIPAA course to meet your learning objectives.

Total Number of Slides: 100

Length of course: Two Hours

HIPAA Certification Test:

You are tested once you complete the entire course. You need to pass the 12-question test (Six questions per chapter) with 70% to receive the Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate (CHPA) certification.

The test runs 20 minutes (10 minutes allowed per chapter) and can be taken once only. If you pass the test, you can print your certification immediately. If you fail the test, you can pay $75 to retake the test.

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Cost of Training and CHPA Certification test: $99

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CHPA Certification test only: $75

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CHPA Course Outlines:

  • HIPAA Overview & HIPAA Privacy Rule
    • What is protected health information (phi)
    • What information is covered
    • What is minimum necessary & when it does not apply
    • The notice of privacy practices (NPP)
    • What are mandatory requirements?
    • What is the use and disclosure of phi?
    • Required disclosures
    • Disclosure of phi for treatment, payment, and health care operations (TPO)
    • TPO use – Psychotherapy notes
    • When authorization is not required
    • Organizational requirements
    • Documentation requirement
    • Required policies, procedures & sanctions
    • Sanctions
    • Individual privacy rights
    • When record access can be denied.
    • Rights to request an amendment
    • Privacy breaches
    • Business associates & examples
    • Other privacy laws, HIPAA & state law
  • HIPAA security rule overview
    • Administrative safeguards overview
      • Security management process
      • Workforce security
      • Information access management
      • Security awareness and training
      • Password management
      • Contingency plan
      • Additional standards
    • Physical safeguards standards
      • Facility access controls
      • Device and media controls
      • Other standards
    • Technical safeguards standards
      • Access control
      • Transmission security
      • Remote Access
      • Other standards
  • Breach Notification
  • Organizational requirements
  • Business associates contracts
  • Other arrangements
  • Policy and documentation requirement


The above training will prepare you for HIPAA Certification for Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate:

Online HIPAA Training

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  1. I enrolled in the CHPA course provided by training-hipaa.net and found it to be comprehensive, easy to follow and effective at teaching the important aspects of HIPAA. I would recommend the course to anyone wishing to obtain certification and receive a comprehensive understanding of HIPAA basics, security and privacy regulations. – SanjaySanjay V. B. Patel
    GEP 2012
  2. I am a social work student at a major university wanting to gain HIPAA compliance certification for a future internship opportunity. The site training-hipaa.net offered me an in depth online training that i used to learn many new things about HIPAA and state laws. Their staff was committed to working with me to make sure i got the training i needed.Todd Obermeyer
  3. As a medical student I enrolled in the “Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate (CHPA) Online Training and Certification Test.” I found the course to be very informative, well taught and worth every cent. The lecturer’s went thoroughly through the course and gave real life scenario examples, which made it much easier to understand. Finally the service providers were kind and very helpful throughout the course. I highly recommend this program to anyone in need of a well taught HIPAA program.” – Hasif HakimHasif Hakim
  4. I studied hard for my CHPA. The course work was challenging for me.
    I found the Supremus Group LLC, namely Bob Mehta to be highly professional, supportive and extremely HIPAA knowledgeable.
    It did not matter when I e-mailed or when I telephoned, Bob Mehta consistently got back with me on a very timely manner and worked with me to answer questions and provide me with detailed information regarding the CHPA course and concepts. I applaud Bob Mehta as if it was not for him and his support, I do not believe I would have succeeded.Noemi
  5. The course helped me tremendously in understanding the HIPAA Privacy laws. I feel as if everyone in healthcare should take this course to better serve and protect patients rights.Christian Puntarelli
    Geb Medical
  6. The CHPA course was very detailed but in a format that was easy to follow. The information was all inclusive. I have been in the medical profession for almost 30 years and learned quite a bit of information taking this course. I feel that we all need to refresh our memory regarding important information in the medical field. The issue of privacy is one of the most important issues we have to deal with. People are sharing very detailed and personal issues with me and I am in a very important position as to how I treat that information. I always thought that I had a healthy respect of others personal information and how I treat that information. I have found that I take a new attitude toward the professionalism of nursing after going through this process of CHPA certification. This process will assist me through my life in improving the care I give those I interact with both on a professional as well as private level.Susan Porter, RN
  7. I highly recommend this training to every HIPAA professional. It helped me in understanding the policies, procedures and audit processes required of my organization.Krishna Prasad
  8. It was really great to take this course to know more US health insurance sector and their privacy policies. This also helps in Preventing and implementing techniques for Health Care misuse. The information shared is wonderful. I would like to go ahead and refer my colleagues to take this course.Subeesh MB
    Genpact, Bangalore, India
  9. The course content was very well explained and showcased in the presentations. It was very informative and was easy to understand. I would like to recommend people to take your training in case they are required to.Mithun Divakar
  10. The experience was positive and the HIPAA information was presented with a clear understanding. I will recommend your company to all of my colleagues. Thank you so much for your time.Cherie Vanterpool
    Health and Wellness Coordinator Assistant
    The Lotus House Women’s Shelter
    Operated by the Sundari Foundation
    Miami, Florida 33136
  11. I recently took the online course for the HIPAA Certification. I was very pleased with the material, the outline and the detailed information that was included in the course. The material used was updated and easy to understand. I plan on taking what I have learned from this course and sharing it with my co-workers to inform them of the many laws and regulations, updates and changes made to the HIPAA Privacy Rule.Cayce Nichols
    Bluegrass Pain Consultants, PLLC
  12. The Instructor provided easy to understand examples, that when related to the content, made it very easy to interpret and apply towards the subject. Throughout the presentation, the instructor provided real life examples, which made the material and subject matter understandable and easy to follow.
    I would recommend this course to anyone!Roger Kory Zuckweiler
    PhysioWorks & Informatics-Health
  13. As a Systems Engineer working to specialize in the security area of the IT industry, I chose the CHPA as the first step along the security path in my career. This test proved to be a great entry level certification for HIPAA compliance. The exam and course was well documented and allowed for a beginner to truly grasp the concept and ideas behind HIPAA.Kevin Kruger
    Technical Projects Systems Engineer
  14. The course is a very complete and intensive training. It opened my eyes to the complexity of the law, how it applies to me and other sections of the industry.Peri Gretton BSRT
    Americas Applications Manager
    4851 LBJ Fwy
    Suite 400
    Dallas, Tx 75244
  15. CHPA training thoroughly covered the policies, procedures, and practices. It provided appropriate methods and terminology to ensure the IRB committee approves my study. This training thoroughly covered the policies, procedures, and practices students and researchers should adhere to when conducting research or working with human subjects and sensitive protected health information (PHI).Nicole Simmons-Johnson
    Doctoral Candidate
  16. After having taken this course, I now have a better and more detailed understand of the history, fundamentals and importance of HIPAA, privacy and security. I also have a fuller, more well-rounded view of what they mean for the healthcare industry. I have taken several other HIPAA courses for other work and learning environments so I have had to be in compliance with HIPAA for quite some time now. I appreciate this course and the instructor’s expertise and applicable examples on the topics covered.”Nicholas Blackstock
  17. Thank you for your website which is a place where health care professionals are able to receive HIPAA training and certification. Your dedication to this field was demonstrated by your prompt responses, encouragement and motivation to my staff and myself. At this time I feel confident that we are able to uphold the HIPAA standard as it relates to Security and Privacy. I am proud to be a Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate.RT Johnson
  18. The CHPA certificate helps you to gain the knowledge on the HIPAA regulations for any health care working associate and will be a boon for the associates who are directly working for the HIPAA-related tasks.David
  19. The instructor provided easy to understand examples, that when related to the content, made it very easy to interpret and apply towards the subject. Throughout the presentation, the instructor provided real life examples, which made the material and subject matter understandable and easy to follow.
    I would recommend this course to anyone!Roger Kory Zuckweiler
    PhysioWorks & Informatics-Health

If you have any questions with reference to the course or certification test, feel free to contact us at Bob@training-hipaa.net or call us at 515-865-4591.


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