Online Live HIPAA Course with HIPAA Instructor

Bring a HIPAA Instructor-led training to your office through your desktop/laptop with HIPAA Course with Instructor

What is a HIPAA Course with an Instructor?

Online HIPAA Course with the instructor is real-time distance learning over the Internet, with anHIPAA Course instructor in one location and a student logged on anywhere in the world. Online Instructor-led HIPAA Course combines the best of both worlds to create the optimal learning experience. It brings the learning benefits of traditional instructor-led training to the desktop, giving you the cost benefits of e-learning and, most importantly, custom HIPAA Courses to meet your learning objectives. HIPAA Expert-led training over the web can achieve the same level of knowledge transfer as traditional ILT while offering additional advantages learners cannot get with any other training. Online HIPAA Course with the instructor is the fastest-growing component of e-learning, winning favor among presenters and users alike by its flexibility, interactivity, and cost-effectiveness.

Online HIPAA training is very popular with our students as it allows them to achieve their learning objectives. HIPAA Training varies from a covered entity to business associates. Each business associate has different requirements for HIPAA compliance. This training allows course customization as you are the only student with the instructor in training.

Our Online HIPAA training with an Instructor is your ideal solution if you:

  • Prefer to learn from your desktop but want live instruction
  • Customize the course as per your needs and speed
  • Want access to our subject matter expert instructors
  • Can’t leave the office for an on-campus class due to job responsibilities
  • Want to reduce travel costs
  • Provide uniform instruction and content to a geographically dispersed workforce
  • Spend time with family in the evening
  • Conveniently scheduled class times allow a balance between work and training

Benefits of Online HIPAA Course with Instructor

Full Interactivity
Two-way voice-over-the-phone lets you ask questions and receive answers instantaneously, just like in a traditional classroom. View PowerPoint on your computer.

Time & Cost Savings
Avoid traveling by taking HIPAA courses from home, your desk, or anywhere else you can bring your computer & phone. Training time with the Instructor is flexible as your schedule permits.

The HIPAA Instructor will deliver the training based on your learning objectives.

Customized HIPAA Course
The main benefit of this HIPAA training is that the Instructor customizes the course to meet your learning objectives based on the type of entity you are.

Regular Updates
The course is updated as per the changes in HIPAA regulation. The current course includes all the changes to HIPAA as per ARRA’s HITECH Act.

Expert, Engaging HIPAA Instructors
Classes are taught by a HIPAA subject matter expert with a healthcare background and IT Security experts with practical knowledge of HIPAA compliance.

Flexible Scheduling
Most HIPAA training venues require students to be away from the office for days at a time. Our unique training format lets you schedule training into your typical workweek around meetings and “rush hours” without feeling a time crunch. It can be a full day or half-day or few hours every day till the training is completed.

Reduced Training Costs
Not only are e-learning solutions more cost-effective than traditional training methods, but Internet delivery also eliminates the need for travel and related costs. The result? You can afford to take more training courses, more often.

Online Supplemental Reading
The instructor provides additional material that is useful in your HIPAA compliance process.

HIPAA Online Training Courses

Following are the three class options for online 1 to 1 training with the Instructor. We can also deliver customized HIPAA training courses to meet your specific learning objectives.

1   Comprehensive HIPAA Privacy and Security Training (level 1 & 2)
2   Advance HIPAA Privacy & Intermediate Security Training (level 1)
3   Comprehensive HIPAA Security Training (level 2)

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We can skillfully assist you in determining your readiness for accelerated training and the best training options for specific requirements.

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